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Live-Stream Thursdays

Yoga for Back Pain

live-stream lower back yoga.png
  • 18:30-19:45 (GMT+1) = 09:30-10:45 (PST)

  • 19:50-21:05 (GMT+1) = 10:50-12:05 (PST)

Hi, I'm Fred Bender. I have been pain-free from 2 herniated discs for 20 years and have been teaching what led to my recovery since then. My center in Luxembourg offers 10 lower back yoga courses a week. Almost all courses are full with very happy and loyal students

Due to the course's effectiveness, I wish to help people across the world. Thanks to the Zoom app, I can start streaming some of my weekly back classes from Luxembourg (GMT+1):


  • Thursday 18:30-19:45 Luxembourg time = 9:30-10:45 local time West Coast, USA. (75 min.)

  • Thursday 19:50-21:05 Luxembourg time = 10:50-12:05 local time West Coast, USA (75 min.)

A single class costs 15 Euros.

If interested, please fill in the form or email me at I will direct you to a secure way for you to pre-pay by credit card or PayPal. Please indicate your preference. Deadline for registering in each Thursday's class is Tuesday 22:00 (PST).

​What's Needed

For the class:

  • A yoga strap for a leg stretch exercise. If no yoga strap, a pants or bathrobe belt will do.

  • A cushion

  • A clear wall or door to lie the legs up against

"​I really enjoyed the class especially today as I was a little bit sickly, it was nice to have the opportunity to have my home comforts." ~ Zora


For the stream:

Download the Zoom app by going to with the device used to stream the class. I will direct you to the additional steps after registration.

I would like to register for next Thursday - March 12th

Thank you. I will send you details for secure payment and how to set-up streaming.

"I felt like in our real class. It's amazing not to leave home, not to lose time in a traffic jam." - Rita

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