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Fred Bender


I have been teaching yoga since 1990 and am co-founder of Centre de Yoga - La Source in Luxembourg.


I started yoga in 1987 and attended the Sivananda yoga teacher training in 1990. I taught for several years at the Sivananda center in Los Angeles until I moved to Luxembourg.


I became familiar with Iyengar and Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, both of which contribute elements to the lower back yoga class.


"You do great work and make a difference to people’s lives." ~ Maggie Burke


Having herniated two lumbar discs before starting yoga, I became a massage therapist to help others as I had been helped. My understanding of anatomy brought insight into how yoga variations could relieve back pain. This led to my developing a highly effective sequence of yoga variations that comprise my lower back yoga class. I have subsequently passed it on to other yoga teachers.


"...(My students) sleep better, have less back pain and feel generally better. I am ever grateful to you for sharing this class. It has become the core of my practice and of my teaching." ~ Nadia Ernst, yoga teacher, France


Having overcome severe back pain through advice, study, and practice, I have developed an empathetic feeling for those going through similar challenges. Whether through my former massage practice or yoga classes, my desire is to create a space for healing to take place.


"You have, as a teacher, a very big quality, which is generosity. You are there to guide people, but you are there for us and with us all along. And that is absolutely not very common. And for that, my wife and I are most thankful to you." ~ Luis Seabra

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