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Low Back Pain Exercises
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Hi, I'm Fred Bender. I have been pain-free from 2 herniated discs for 22 years and have been teaching the practices that led to my recovery at my yoga center. Students with other back problems have also found benefit resulting in 250 students a week attending my center's back classes with the help of teachers I've trained.


Due to the pandemic, I recorded the 1-hour class for students to practice at home and newcomers to use in two options:

  1. a monthly subscription basis with a free 3-day trial

  2. a 3-day rental


You can find both options here. If you have an iPhone, you can also follow 7 of the practices on my free 10-minute iPhone app which has been downloaded more than 19,000 times. Contra-indicated for those with acute pain or inflammation.

The trailer above gives a basic idea of the simplicity and safety of the practices.

You can also join my Tuesday or Thursday streaming class. Email me for schedule and price.

​What's Needed for the Class​

  • An exercise mat or beach towel

  • A yoga strap for a leg stretch exercise. If no yoga strap, a pants or bathrobe belt will do.

  • A cushion

  • An open wall space or door to lie the legs up against​

Student Testimonials

All testimonials came unsolicited including this voice message:


"Your back yoga sessions have done miracles to my back! Thanks for that." - P.P.

"I would recommend this class to everyone, even to people without back problems. Prevention is better than cure." - N.S.

"The course is a real discovery for me, I really look forward to it every week! (which I haven’t said for any physical activity since I have my back and knee problems!)" - I.G. 

"Amazing class today! loved it. My lower back is better and I have just done 3 yoga lessons!!! Amazing." - F.T.


"When leaving, I felt like I had grown at least an inch, if not two, in height!" - U.L.

"Since I am doing my (your) excercises, I feel much stronger and far more stabilized, and am able to do walks of 7 - 8 kms. (a year ago I would not have thought this possible)." - N.M. (74 years-old)


"I am feeling much better today! It’s incredible how a few gentle movements can make the difference." - O.R. 


"I feel a lot more normal in my back now after nearly 9 years of recurrent back pain." - A.I.M.  (after 7 once-a-week classes)

"I had almost resigned about my worsening back problems. When I started the lower back yoga, the effect was immediate, and for the last year, having followed the classes regularly, my back has been better than in 20 years. I even started skiing again." - J.W.

Student testimonial
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