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Yoga for Low Back Pain with Live Personal Guidance

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Streamed Classes with Zoom on Sundays

Limit: 10 participants
(for close monitoring and more personalised instruction)

Hi, I'm Fred Bender. I have been pain-free from 2 herniated discs for 20 years and have been teaching what led to my recovery since then. My center in Luxembourg offers 10 lower back yoga courses a week. Almost all courses are full with very happy and loyal students

Due to the course's effectiveness, I wish to help people across the world. Thanks to the Zoom app, I can provide real-time, individual instruction and correction. That's why I limit class size to 10 participants.

After a number of classes, when participants feel comfortable with less instruction, they can join larger classes with less instruction at a reduced rate for maintenance or they can practice on their own with the iPhone app.

1-hour single classes = 20 Euros; a packet of 5 single-classes = 75 Euros (average 15 Euros)

Private 1-hour class = 100 Euros

I'm very informal. My students are my friends. Fill out the form below to get news when there's enough people to form a class. If you can't wait, ask for a private, invite a friend if you wish, and we'll arrange a time. 

"Thanks for moderating (the online back class) with personal attention. The experience was very good overall." ~ Ute









What's Needed

For the class:

  • A yoga strap for a leg stretch exercise. If no yoga strap, a pants or bathrobe belt will do.

  • A cushion

  • A clear wall or door to lie the legs up against

"​I really enjoyed the class especially today as I was a little bit sickly, it was nice to have the opportunity to have my home comforts." ~ Zora


For the stream:

  • download the Zoom app by going to with the device used to stream the class.

  • set the device at least 1.5 - 2 meters from the mat with the mat in full view running parallel to the camera as in the photos here, not perpendicular to the camera. This will allow the student to turn his or her head occasionally to see a practice displayed on the device and for Fred to have the best view to give instruction.

Notify me for the next online class

Thank you. I will let you know when there are enough people to coordinate a date and time for an online class.

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"I felt like in our real class. It's amazing not to leave home, not to lose time in a traffic jam." - Rita

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