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Yoga for the Lower Back

yoga for back pain.jpg

Tuesday, March 17th

9:45-11:00 (GMT+1)

via Zoom Cloud Meeting app

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Hi, I'm Fred Bender. I have been pain-free from 2 herniated discs for 20 years and have been teaching the practices that led to my recovery to 150 students a week at my yoga center in Luxembourg. l will stream my Tuesday, March 17th, 9:45-11:00 lower back yoga class for free. You can practice to it in the comfort of your own home with the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app and the Meeting ID number.

Email me at to receive the Meeting ID number. Set up and arrive early to the meeting. Contra-indicated for acute pain with inflammation.

Technical Preparation


  1. Download the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app onto the device you will be using to stream.

  2. Create a log-in at Zoom within the app to join the class faster.

  3. 10 minutes before class, open the Zoom app and tap the "join" button.

  4. Input the Meeting ID number sent after registering with me by email.

  5. The app will pop-up a select audio option "Computer or Internet Audio". Tap it.

  6. Set your mat parallel to the device as in the photo above so that you can simply roll your head to one side to view the class if needed.

  7. If you cannot hear my instruction to the students in my class, you missed step number 6. Leave the meeting and restart. If still a problem, you will not be able to participate, but please send  me an email at

No Personal Instruction from the Teacher

I only provide personal instruction to those attending the class in person. Your device will be muted during the class, and I will not be able to follow your practice whether you enable video or not. Be prudent and stop any practice that feels uncomfortable. Those with iPhones can prepare by practicing to my free "Lower Back Yoga - Floor Class" app to get a 10-minute feel of the class. You could then subscribe to the "full back class" from the app or purchase it at "Lower Back Yoga - 7 Classes". I have no Android app at this time.

What's Needed for the Yoga Class​

  • An exercise mat or beach towel

  • A yoga strap for a leg stretch exercise. If no yoga strap, a pants or bathrobe belt will do.

  • A cushion

  • A clear wall or door to lie the legs up against​

  • Fluent English. (Per mei amici italiani, imparate senza dubbio la traduzione inglese di queste parole italiane qua. Non posso tradurre durante la lezione.)

"I felt like in our real class. It's amazing not to leave home, not to lose time in a traffic jam." - Rita​

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